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Tie-Dye Fun

This adorable baby quilt is destined for a little one who will be the first of his generation. He's going to make a few people great-grandparents for the first time!

The highly-versatile quilting design used is Double Bubble by Patricia Ritter. The circles make the perfect complement to all of the 2-inch squares in this quilt. I love the movement they create. 

Tie-Dye closeup.jpg

Tropical Happiness

Tropical Happiness.jpg

This simple, happy quilt is one I made as a scrap buster. I've decided to keep it - simply because it is so happy, filled with beautiful, tropical batiks.

Once again, a swirling design adds great texture and movement to the bricks and blocks of the quilt top. This elegant design is called Butterfly Enchantment and is by Anne Bright. I was thrilled with how beautifully it stitched out. I love that the butterflies are going in all directions.  Notice how nicely the variegated thread (Cleopatra - a King Tut thread from Superior) goes with the polychromatic fabrics.

Tropical Happiness closeup.jpg

A Christmas Gift

Kathy's Christmas.jpg
Kathy's Christmas closeup #2.jpg
Kathy's Christmas closeup.jpg

Thank you to Kathy for entrusting this Christmas Gift to me for quilting. The little bits of gold metallic in many of the fabrics were calling out for a dark gold thread to go with them. Vegas Gold, a Glide thread by Fil-Tec, fit the bill perfectly.

The design is Christmas Elegance by Anne Bright. It features curls, ribbons, holly leaves and berries.

At The Zoo

When this adorable charity quilt came into my studio last week, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Zoo Animals, by Wasatch Quilting, is a pattern I've been waiting to quilt. I just needed the right top to put it on.

The quilt is destined for a hospitalized child. Quilts for Kids is a great charity which provides hospital-friendly, fun, bright quilts for children who need an extended stay in a hospital. The organization even provides the fabric kits for the quilt piecing volunteers! You can check out this charity here.


Quilt Club Stack-N-Whack

Quilt Club Stack-N-Whack.jpg
Quilt Club Stack-N-Whack closeup.jpg

The Middle School students in my early- morning quilt club created this twin-sized, patriotic quilt for donation to a local charity. The Stack-N-Whack technique was a great way for beginning sewists to learn and practice their 1/4 inch seams without having to fret over perfection. A public thank you is due to Mrs. Tanyel Bennett for co-hosting that club with me a few years ago.

I finished the quilt with Star Spangled Allover by Jessica Schick & Patricia Ritter. This design features stars, wavy stripes and curlicues. The students will be happy to learn that their quilt is now ready for donation!

Mystery Solved


When Kathy chose her fabrics for this mystery quilt, she didn't know that the black fabric was destined to become the sashings. She wasn't entirely happy about that. So, we chose the quilting thread and design very carefully to help soften the overall effect. The thread is a blush-toned Glide thread called Pink Rose. Not only does it soften up the black, but it ties the oranges and pinks together beautifully.

The pattern, Daphany, is by Anne Bright. It features medium and small flowers, with vines, leaves, curls and swirls. I expect to see this very feminine pattern get a lot of use. It is so soft and filled with variety.

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