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How Dancing Star Quilts Got Its Start

I come from a long line of quilters, artists and craftswomen on both sides of the family. The work of my mother, sisters, grandmothers and great-grandmothers adorns the walls of my home. Great-Grandma Hallman taught me to knit before I was eight years old. I framed some of her umbrella lady quilt blocks and mounted them on the wall of my quilting studio. They remind me where I come from and that the work of my hands might mean something to someone many years from now. This is why my work, whether it's knitting, cross-stitching or quilting, is done with precision and attention to detail. I have been making quilts for over thirty years. After years of listening to people tell me that I ought to make a business of it, I finally did. And Dancing Star Quilts was born. Now, I help other quilters complete their works of art!





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